District Standards for the Furnishing of Materials and
Construction of Water Facilities and Preparation of Water
System Plans

These Standards include specifications and standard details for construction of potable water and recycled water facilities within the District. Also included are Standards for the preparation of plans and profiles and the submittal of final project record drawings in a format which is consistent with the Districtís Geographical Information System (GIS).

The applicant shall furnish all materials, and provide all construction, and shall bear engineering, permit, fees and all other costs necessary for the complete installation of the water system as shown on the Water System Construction Plans as well as other District approved drawings or plans and as required in the “District Standards for Plans Preparation and Processing” and “District Standards for the Furnishing of Materials and the Construction of Water Facilities,” together with any District required or authorized changes to those documents.


It is the sole responsibility of the contractor to contact Underground Service Alert of Southern California (U.S.A. @ 800-227-2600) for the locations of underground utilities. The contractor shall perform in compliance with all State and Local safety requirements, including, but not limited to CAL-OSHA requirements. All construction shall be provided by a licensed contractor.

Download PDF version of the Spec Book

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