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Division 4

Annual Water Quality Report Now Available!

Water quality is a top priority at BCVWD. We regularly sample and test our water for safety, all year long. The results are published annually in our Water Quality Report. Find the 2021 report below.

2021 Annual Water Quality Report:
Previous Annual Water Quality Reports:

Bees and butterflies LOVE #drought -friendly landscapes?

#DYK Bees and butterflies LOVE #drought-friendly landscapes? Consider converting your lawn to native landscaping. Post a picture of your favorite drought-tolerant plant below👇 and visit for more outdoor conservation ideas. #ConserveWater #BCVWD

“One of the best aspects of low-water plants is enjoying the natural beauty they attract,” said Treasurer David Hoffman, on behalf of the Board of Directors. “You get to enjoy these beautiful creatures when they come to visit and conserve water at the same time.”

Pooltime Tips!

Hang your pool towels to dry after swimming and use them a second time before washing them, saving water on that extra load of laundry. #PoolFun #ConservationTips #BCVWD

“Even small ways of conserving water can add up to make a big difference,” said Director John Covington, on behalf of the Board of Directors. “With our state’s current drought conditions, it is vital we all do our part to save.”

Summer is here!

Summer is here! Enjoy the sunny days while conserving water as our state confronts another severe drought. Find water-saving tips at Monitor the drought at #Drought #Summer #WaterConservation #BCVWD

“After two extremely dry years, California is once again challenged by serious drought,” said  Director John Covington, on behalf of the Board of Directors. “BCVWD is prepared and will continue to provide a dependable, safe water supply, as always.”

National Public Works Week (May 16-22)

We are “Stronger Together!” Join BCVWD in celebrating National Public Works week by recognizing the hard work and dedication of our community’s essential workers. #NPWW #BCVWD

“Working together, public works programs and employees make our neighborhoods stronger,” said Director John Covington, on behalf of the Board of Directors. “BCVWD thanks all those who are committed to keeping our community operating smoothly and safely, making it a great place to live.”

BCVWD strives for excellent customer service

We want to hear from you! BCVWD strives for excellent customer service. Tell us how we’re doing by taking our online Customer Satisfaction Survey at #CustomerFeedback #BCVWD

“Providing an exceptional customer service experience matters to us,” said Director John Covington,  on behalf of the Board of Directors. “We value your comments and suggestions, and we welcome your feedback. The District is committed to serving our customers in a friendly and professional manner.”

Public Service Recognition Week

Last week was Public Service Recognition Week! From fixing our streets and protecting our communities to providing safe, reliable water and delivering the mail, thank you to all public service employees – many of whom are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Public employees are essential to thriving communities, and their commitment to service is evident now more than ever,” said President John Covington. “The BCVWD Board of Directors thanks all those who work to serve our community, including our own District employees.”

Water shutoff suspension

BCVWD is temporarily suspending water shutoffs due to nonpayment and late payment fees during the coronavirus public health emergency. Learn more at

“Frequent hand washing is key to preventing the spread of coronavirus,” said Board President John Covington. “We want to ensure that everyone has access to this vital resource during this public health crisis.”

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