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Division 4

Watch, Learn, Share!

📽️ Watch the Video: Sites Reservoir Video

We are excited to share the incredible initiatives surrounding Sites Reservoir, and we want YOU to join us on this journey!

🤝 Partnership Commitment: Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District, along with our regional partners, is wholeheartedly dedicated to the success of Sites Reservoir. Together, we are working towards securing a sustainable water future for our community.

📚 Get Educated Today: It’s time to learn more about Sites Reservoir and its significance. Watch the video to explore the vision and impact of this vital project. Stay informed and be a part of the conversation!

🌐 Spread the Word: Help us spread awareness by sharing this message. Let’s build a community that understands and supports the positive change Sites Reservoir can bring.

👉 Watch, Learn, Share! #SitesReservoir #WaterSustainability #CommunityPartnership

Thank you for being a part of our commitment to a brighter and water-secure future!

Rain is Here!

🌧️ Attention valued customers! Exciting news – rain is in the forecast for the next week! 🌧️ To make the most of this blessing and conserve water, we encourage you to adjust your sprinklers and outdoor watering schedules accordingly. Mother Nature is here to help, so let’s work together to make every drop count. Thank you for your commitment to water conservation! 💙

#WaterWise #RainyDays #ConserveWater


BCVWD is honored to have received multiple awards highlighting our dedication to transparency, fiscal responsibility and open government, including:

  • Operating Budget Excellence Award
  • Investment Policy Certification Award
  • Certificate in Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
  • Award for Achievement Information Technology Practices

“When we serve with integrity, it not only fosters trust with the community but also within our own team,” said Board Treasurer Lona Williams. “These awards are a testament to the devotion of our employees, who work hard every day to ensure the District continues to act with excellence in the best interest of our customers.” Learn more in the most recent edition of our newsletter, available at #BCVWD #WaterService

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