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10-08-2019 BCVWD Notice of Public Hearing


Notice is Hereby Given: The Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District (District) is the lead agency on the below-described project and has prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed 2017 WATER PIPELINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT (Project) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The District has determined that the Project will have a less than significant effect on the environment, with mitigation and therefore the MND was prepared. The complete Project description, location and the potential environmental effects are contained in the MND, which is available to the public for review.

Project Location and Description: Various. Specific locations can be reviewed at
Mitigations Measures: The District has incorporated the project mitigation measures for potentially
significant project impacts related to biological and cultural resources. The mitigation measures are included in the MND.

Document Availability and Public Review Timeline: The review period for the MND will be from October 7, 2019 to November 7, 2019. Copies of the MND and construction drawings can be reviewed at the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Main Office building located at 560 Magnolia Avenue, Beaumont, CA 92223. Copies can also be viewed at the District’s website at the following address: Please submit your written comments to Mark Swanson, Senior Engineer, Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District, 560 Magnolia Avenue, Beaumont, CA 92223, email, (951) 845-9581.

Public Hearing: The Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Board of Directors will consider adoption of the Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration for this project on November 13, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Main Office, 560 Magnolia Avenue, Beaumont, Ca 92223. You are invited to attend this meeting and present public testimony regarding this project. Inquiries should be directed to Mark Swanson, Senior Engineer, Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District by email: or by phone: (951) 845-9581.

If you would like to view the District Board Agenda and Staff Report on this matter, please visit the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Website at . Select “Board Information” and then “Board Meeting Agendas.” The Agenda and Reports are published to the website 72 hours immediately preceding the Board meeting when these matters will be heard.

If you challenge this project in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the District at, or prior to, the public hearing.


08-19-2019 – Remembering Stella Parks

The first woman to serve on the Board of Directors

The first woman to serve on the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Board of Directors from 2001-2010; Stella Parks passed away on August 11, 2019.

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District thanks Ms. Parks for her service.

08-06-2019 – BCVWD engages in water supply solutions

BCVWD actively engages in regional and local water supply solutions Bay-Delta Water Tour provides opportunity to interact with state water system

Remaining involved in conversations about local and regional water supply solutions is an important part of BCVWD’s dedication to leading the industry in water resource management, while also providing safe, reliable water to customers.

In June, BCVWD staff and Board members explored the complex system that provides imported water to the agency’s customers at the Water Education Foundation’s Bay-Delta Water Tour. Water imported from the State Water Project makes up a substantial portion of BCVWD’s supply. 

“BCVWD customers have relied on this source of imported water for more than a decade,” said Board of Directors President John Covington. “The magnitude of this resource does not go unappreciated. As our community keeps growing, we will continue to develop local supplies, balancing our demands from the Delta with our own local resources.”

The tour traveled the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, which is a 720,000-acre network of islands and canals that supports the state’s water system. Topics covered included Delta planning initiatives, the proposed tunnels projects, water project operations, fish passage, ecosystem restoration, levees and flood management, Delta agriculture, storage, and drinking water quality and water supply reliability.

“The tour painted the picture of perspective when it comes to water management in California,” said James Bean, BCVWD Assistant Director of Operations. “It’s important to work diligently in developing local water supplies such as recycled water and storm water capture to reduce our community’s dependence on imported water. However, with most of the state’s water supply in the north and large populations in the south, it is vital to invest in the projects that allow deliveries through the State Water Project. “The collective management of this precious resource is imperative for future generations,” Bean added.

Los Vaqueros Reservoir – Conta Costa Water District in Brentwood CA
Sacramento River in Walnut Grove CA
Randall Bold Water Treatment Plant in Oakley CA

07-29-2019 – BCVWD Conservation Pocket Guide Helps Customers Save Money and Water

Do more than observe, conserve!

BCVWD customers can easily and quickly start saving water both inside and outside their homes. The new BCVWD fold-out pocket guide offers conservation tips and leak-check tricks for both inside and outside your home.

“Saving water is a vital part of ensuring a healthy and reliable water supply that meets the needs of our growing community,” said Board Director Andy Ramirez, on behalf of the BCVWD Board of Directors. “As a resident and board director living in this beautiful area, I encourage you to join me in conserving water with these helpful pocket guide tips.”

The guide features simple changes to your day-to-day routine that can have an effective impact, as well as ways to plan ahead for longer-term efforts. Some of the tips include:

Inside your home

  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when full
  • Buy a washing machine that adjusts the water level to the size of your load

Outside your home

  • Water in the early morning or late at night to reduce evaporation and turn off sprinklers when it rains, is windy or cloudy
  • Upgrade to a weather-based irrigation controller that automatically adjusts watering based on the weather

Leak-check tips

  • Check water heaters, dishwashers and refrigerators for condensation or puddling, which can signal a leak
  • Look for wet, soggy grass or puddles that keep forming in the same areas outside

Get more tips by Downloading The Guide Here or stop by the BCVWD headquarters for a printed copy.

07-17-2019 – Board of Directors approves rate study firm

BCVWD Board of Directors approves rate study firm

The Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District (BCVWD) is conducting a Water Rate Fee Study to evaluate current rate structures and related cost of service. The need for a rate study is based on a number of factors:

  • BCVWD’s most recent 5-year rate increase plan was implemented in 2010, making the District due for another rate and fee analysis.
  • New state water-efficiency legislation (AB 1668 and SB 606) will require the District to meet new water use objectives and reporting requirements, replace aging pipes and mains to prevent leaks, and update drought plans. Meeting the legislation’s requirements will increase costs for BCVWD.
  • The price of electricity, operating expenses and other costs to deliver water have increased over the last five years.
  • The amount it costs to purchase imported water has significantly increased. Our wholesale water provider, the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, raised rates by $82 per acre-foot ($317 per acre-foot to $399 per acre-foot), effective May 1, 2019. This increase means it costs more money for BCVWD to purchase water from the agency.
  • Costs associated with the Ten-Year Capital Improvement Plan, which was updated in 2018, are not reflected in current rates.

The BCVWD 2019 Water Rate Fee Study will be conducted by an independent financial expert. On May 8, 2019, the Board of Directors approved an agreement with Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc., a well-regarded consulting firm based in Southern California, to conduct the study.

“As we explore our next water rate study, the BCVWD Board is committed to informing rate payers of the true cost of delivering clean water to their homes and businesses,” said Board Director Andy Ramirez.

According to state law, BCVWD is required to charge customers only for the actual cost of water, no more and no less. Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc., will analyze pricing for water, cost of service, potential rate structures and multi-year financial plans. Any rate changes that occur based on the study will continue to be subject to additional increases by the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency in 2020 and beyond.

BCVWD is dedicated to keeping its customers and stakeholders informed throughout the process. There will be an opportunity for formal public comment on any proposed rate changes.

Proposed rate study timeline pending final approval

07-02-2019 Employment Opportunity

Apply now!

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District is currently accepting applications for the position of Human Resource Coordinator.  We encourage you to check out our employment page for more information about position title, job description, and salary information.

Click here for more details

2018 Consumer Confidence Report

BCVWD 2018 Water Quality Report is now available

At BCVWD, providing safe water is a top priority. The BCVWD 2018 Consumer Confidence Report provides customers with information about the quality of local drinking water.

“We are committed to delivering the highest quality of safe and clean drinking water to all rate payers,” said BCVWD Board Director Andy Ramirez.

You can read the report by clicking on the link below.

If you have questions about the report or would like a paper copy, please call (951) 845-9581 or stop by the District’s headquarters at 560 Magnolia Avenue, Beaumont, CA, 92223.

2018 Consumer Confidence Report

06-19-2019 – Career Day at Anna Hause Elementary School

Elementary-age students experience jobs in the water world at school’s Career Day

Local students had the chance to discuss water samples, check for chlorine residual, take groundwater level measurements, and see safety equipment and tools with Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District (BCVWD) staff at Anna M. Hause Elementary School’s Career Day last month.

In addition to classroom presentations, more than 200 students rotated from station to station with their classes to learn about a variety of careers. The BCVWD station was a huge success with students, who engaged with James Bean, Assistant Director of Operations, and Dustin Smith, Production Operator, in demonstrations and hands-on activities. The students learned about drinking water sources, water treatment, conservation and challenges for sustainability.

“Career Day gives students the opportunity to engage in potential careers and ask questions about what it is really like to pursue a water industry career path,” said Bean. “The event was a great way to expose young students to a wide variety of career options all at one time.”

BCVWD also discussed educational subjects that are important for water jobs, including science, math, and language arts.

BCVWD set up a booth with giveaways and samples, including:

  • Tools – pipe wrenches, meter wrench, turn off key, electrical volt meter, water quality meter (for testing PH, Total Dissolved Solids TDS, Electrical Conductivity, and Dissolved Oxygen), and “sounders” for gaining water levels out of production wells.
  • Sample bottles – with various preservatives and bottle types
  • Parts – full circle repair band (for repairing leaks), 1” meter
  • Products – bucket of chlorine tablets
  • Safety equipment – air monitor, full face air purifying mask with chlorine cartridges, Arc Flash suit for electrical testing, hard hats, traffic vests and various types of gloves
  • Photos – fire hydrants (hit by vehicles), main and service line leaks, main line leak repair, wells, pumping units, heavy equipment (tractors), and electric motors
  • Giveaways – 100 anniversary tote bags, rulers, gold fish crackers, and cone magnets

“Events like Career Day are an excellent way to get students thinking about possible careers in the water industry, as well as ways they can help save water and have a positive impact on conservation efforts,” said BCVWD Board Director Lona Williams.

Other Career Day attendees included the fire department, police officers (local, Sherriff, CHP, K-9 Unit), Southern California Edison, The Gas Company, and military personnel, as well as many other presenters.

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