Andy Ramirez – Vice President

Division 1

Mr. Ramirez was elected to the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Board in 2016, and is currently Vice President. He serves on the District’s Personnel Committee.

Mr. Ramirez began his career in the water industry in 1997, working in administration for Tri-Boring on water and sewer pipelines. From there, he moved into communication and marketing, policy and human resources with many private sector accomplishments before earning his Masters in Public Administration from Cal Baptist University in 2013.

His diverse experience continued into the public sector in 2011, as executive advisor to the fire chief in the City of Hemet. There he worked on policy, budget, personnel, communication and public relations issues and projects. From 2012 to the present, Mr. Ramirez has served as Senior Management Analyst at the City of San Jacinto, continuing his experience in human resources, strategy, program analysis, community relations and customer service. There, his recent accomplishments include successfully managing Recycled Water retrofits at various municipal parks and managing more than $8 million in taxpayer-funded Parks and Streets budgets.

In all, Mr. Ramirez has more than 10 years of public works and municipal experience, as well as serving many local agencies and intergovernmental committees. He is experienced in local and regional governmental and water-related issues, and has been instrumental in Human Resources development and policy analysis. In addition, Mr. Ramirez volunteers at his alma mater, as the Communications and Marketing Chairman of the Cal Baptist Alumni Association.

Mr. Ramirez’s commitment to the Beaumont-Cherry Valley community is demonstrated through his community service, membership, and participation in several non-profit organizations. His mission on the BCVWD Board is to provide clean, affordable, accessible water while retaining local control, holding rates low and assuring efficiency. He believes in accountability to the ratepayers and protection of the District’s infrastructure.

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