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1. District’s contact information

2. Account information such as account number, service address, billing service period, date bill was prepared and due date.

3. Primary account holders name and mailing address

4. Meter reading provides data in regards to your previous and current meter reading date and read as well the meter number (serial number) and the amount of water consumption you used. If your consumption is 23 units, you would take your total consumption and multiply it by 748 to calculate the number of gallons you used.

5. Special messages is used to display District notifications

6. Current charges reflect the total charges the customer is billed and a description of each charge. In addition to the current charges, a bill summary provides the customer the previous balance, payments received, account adjustments and the total amount due.

7. A usage graph is included on the water bill to compare usage history over a twelve month comparison. The graph measures in CCF which is hundred cubic feet. The graph is color coordinated to compare current year and previous year’s consumption.

8. Please return your payment coupon with your payment

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